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Male Model Mania on BoyMeetsStyle!

We've added four new faces to our roster of elite and new male fashion faces we think you should know! Check them out below! 1. The SUPERMODEL Lucky Blue Smith is already a bonified 'Supermodel Of The World', and all this at the tender age of just 17. His most hig-profile campaigns including Calvin Klein and Tom Ford. When he's not posing for the camera or strutting a runway, you can find him talking industry with his model sis, and jamming with his band. Hmm... We're seeing tripple threat in his future. See More of Lucky Here! 2. The CELEBRITY If you're into fashion and not living under rock then you might of heard of the social media juggernot that is Luka Sabbat. At 18 years old, Luka has

EDITORIAL: 'Boys Next Door' from CLIENT Magazine #14 UK

Photographed by CLIENT creator, Ian Cole; this "polorioid-esque" editorial captures the unique persoality traits of supermodel Lucky Blue Smith and some of the best known and new faces from Next Models, London. Check it out right here on BMS! PICTURED: Alastair George at Next Asa at Next Bartek at Next Billy Lowry at Next Calum Cheshire at Next Camil Windak at Next Carl Axelsson at Next Charlie James at Next Dominik at Next Erik van Gils at Next Gio Durente at Next Gustaaf Wassink at Next Hugo at Next James Kelly at Next Jon Hosking at Next Justin Gossman Kailash at Next Kit Butler at Next Lucky Blue Smith at Next Mats van Snippenberg at Next Max Frentz at Next Michael B a

EDITOR's CLOSET #RealMenGroom on BMS

HO HO HO, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that good stuff… right? Well Tis the season, and it’s got me thinking. What the hell am I getting my friends this year? More importantly, what the hell should they get me? Well my thinking cap’s been on for a while now, and by George, I think I’ve got it. The greatest gift to get any guy this holiday is what he’s already got; the bare essentials. Here’s a glimpse at some of mine, which at the very least will make great stalking stuffers! For me the bare essentials have to do with grooming—#realmengroom; and that starts with the body. That;s why after a shower I moisturize from head to toe with a good body lotion. My favorite is RetaW’s ‘Fragr

'In the Night' ft. Bella Hadid by The Weeknd

See the modern day crooner sing about a drop dead goregeous Bella Hadid, who portrays an assasin in The Weeknd's sinister music video for 'In the Night' below. Right here on BMS! Follow The Weeknd on Twitter!