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#HisStyle on BoyMeetsStyle! Q&A with Moses Universe!

How would you define your personal style? My personal style is a 'mish-mash' of all sorts of things. I don't have a style, or [even] like to be defined by any particular style or trend for that matter. I just go with whatever feels right at the moment or in syntonization with my mood and aesthetic. As cliche as it may sound, I don't like to be in a particular "box of style". The style of your early videos has more of a Goth vibe. What were some of your early inspirations? My inspiration in my early videos has just been transpired by the song or , honestly , the budget that was happening at the and artist , I do feel like I'm different in each "thing" that I put out there..I guess it

Get Ready for CNCO!

Have you heard of CNCO? Much like the former mega boy-band One Direction who recently embarked on "hiatus", this Latin pop quintet is the product of a TV reality show. The show 'La Banda', broadcast by Univision, set out on a mission to find the country's most talented young men to form a Latin super group of male pop stars. With the help of some industry heavy weights like Ricky Martin and Laura Pausini (both judges on the show), Richard Camacho (New Hampshire), Erick Brian Colón (Florida), Zabdiel de Jesús (Puerto Rico), Joel Pimentel (California) and Christopher Vélez (New Jersey), wound up on top after weeks of competition. The question now is do the boys of CNCO have what it takes to cl

In the Style of PRINCE

As the world mourns the loss of an icon, BoyMeetsStyle remember's the effortless fashion of a man who was not afraid to blur the lines of gender, and give birth to a singular style all his own. Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson, (AKA the Artist Formally Known As...) rebelled his way up the music charts, and into the ears and hearts of a generation. He's sold over 100 million records and has won countless awards including 7 Grammys. Prince's style was like no other. Look back with us, as we pay homage to an idol with some of our favorite fashions, in the style of Prince! Images Provided by Google Search

Gypsy Sport for PAPER Magazine!

We were ecstatic to hear about Gypsy Sport designer, Rio Uribe's, guest editor stint for PAPER Magazine's April 2016 issue, #YOUth. In an article on, Rio describes just a little bit of what inspires Gypsy Sport's all encompassing zest for life and outlandish style. "Gypsy Sport is about- these people, a diverse tribe of outsiders and misfits. It's about those who have faced adversity and, because of that, can appreciate people from all walks of life. Fashion is more fun when everyone's invited. That's why we try to preserve a cool vibe of love at every shoot or show we do."-- Rio Uribe for For the article, a series of photographs, shot by Brendan Burke and styled b