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Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down!

Get ready folks. Taylor Swift‘s new music video is here!

That’s right! This Monday, the pop mega-star released a new music video for her track, You Need To Calm Down and it is filled with a mega-load of color, surprises, and most of all, PRIDE! Ms. Swift even enlisted the help of some buddies, with the video featuring more than 20 stellar celeb cameos including some LGBTQ moguls like Ellen Degeneres, RuPaul and Laverne Cox. Not to mention other stars like, Adam Rippon, Billy Porter and even Ryan Reynolds, just to name a few.

Screen Grab via YouTube

But no one is more surprising than Katy Perry. As the world knows, Swift and Perry were the center of a very public feud which lasted years and even spawned a number of pop hits between the both of them. It has recently been reported that the two were on the mend, and judging by Perry’s appearance as a hamburger in the video, it seems to be true.

All in all, the video is light-hearted and fun and does its best to subtly touch upon serious topics surrounding social media, feminism and sexuality and just in time for World Pride.

If you haven’t checked it out, see for yourself below!

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