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After suffering through a devastating natural disaster, the people of Puerto Rico are trying their best to rebuild and continue life on the enchanted island.

For some, like fashion model, Christian Trinidad, that means getting back into the fashion scene and making a name for himself as one of the island's rising male models.


What's life like post-hurricane in Puerto Rico?

Christian:"Definitely different, at first we were lacking the basic resources, but as time has passed, things have returned to “normality”.

What are the misconception people have of Puerto Rico and its people after the hurricane?


Christian:"Puerto Rico suffers from the same problems as every other country but the media has exaggerated them and that is why people from outside of the island believe that Puerto Rico is not a safe place to be, which is totally not true."

What is the fashion like in Puerto Rico?


Christian:"Fashion in Puerto Rico is very personal, some people are adventurous and some are conservative." 

How do you maintain a good sense of style in this hot climate?


Christian:"It is all about wearing light clothes and what feels comfortable at the moment." 

What opportunities do models and other creatives have in Puerto Rico?


Christian:"Here we have a series of competitions, fashion weeks and agencies that support the fashion industry and models."

Is modeling competitive here?


Christian:"Yes, it is very competitive, because we are such a small island and there are a lot of male models here." 

What change would you like to see with the fashion industry in Puerto Rico?


Christian:"I’d like to see a little bit more of experimentation and innovation." 

Model | Christian | @christianjtc

Photography | Ben Bibriesca | @benbibriesca

Styling & Grooming | Georgio Richy | @gerorgio_richy


Model | Christian | @christianjtc

Photographed by Ben Bibriesca | @benbibriesca

Styling & Grooming by Georgio Richy | @gerorgio_richy

Fashion | Opening Ceremony, Nicopanda, Urban Outfitters, Nike, Theophilio, Adam Selman x Le Specs, Mlaed, Tommy Hilfiger, Cos

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