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By Georgio Richy



Ben Bibriesca

Kyle Freeze

Boyish Loverboy Editorial on BoyMeetsSty


What was the inspiration behind your SS19 collection?


The inspiration behind each piece comes very organically. When I begin my design process, it doesn’t matter where I am, if I have time to chill and vibe, I close my eyes for a second. I’ll be listening to music and whatever I picture in my head to the music, that’s how my ideas come about. As inspiration, I like to make pieces that are powerful on their own, pieces that make the person wearing them feel powerful.



How would you describe the Kyle Freeze client?

I would say very bougie bitch who has been through some shit but have overcome what life has thrown at them, and just a bad bitch who wants to be a bad bitch.


Outside of NYFW, which city would you love to show your collection?

I would love to show in Paris, I know it sounds cliche, but Paris wasn't a place I desired to go to until a few months ago. I would love to take a trip there and take in inspiration.


What type of models do you look for when casting?

I cast from Instagram, whoever catches my attention when I’m scrolling through my phone. I’m gravitated towards people of color and I feel they have very unique appearances. People of color are always left out of the industry. I feel it’s important to make clothes that make people of color feel beautiful, wanted, and desired


Thoughts on the current state of menswear?

Honestly I think menswear is too safe, always has been. it’s very boring and repetitive, that’s why I make these kind of pieces for men that you don’t really see. There’s a customer out there who doesn’t get their needs met in retail stores, I have people in my emails dying for something more. I feel men’s fashion needs to be improved, more open minded.


What do you feel you have to contribute to men’s fashion?

I hope to change the way men look at fashion. I want people to be more open to men wearing more feminine pieces, looking like a million dollars without being called a faggot, assuming they’re gay.

For the future of men’s fashion, what do you hope will come from it?

I feel like it’s already beginning now. It’s hard to tell who’s gay who’s straight these days because I feel like a lot of straight men are getting more creative with fashion and aren’t giving much of a fuck. When I was in school I was bullied for being a "faggot" since I could remember, and it was because of the way I dressed, people assumed I was gay. That’s such a problem. I don’t understand how clothing could dictate someone’s sexuality. I don’t think it’s fair that men have to conform to a certain image because they don’t wanna be called out of their name.


Any advice for men wanting to step out of the box with their own style?

Don’t go with the trends, don’t go through magazines. Anything that you see in a thrift store, find something that you feel connects with you, what makes you feel most confident. Like a crazy kimono, ass-less chaps. Anyone who is trying to change it up, just be confident. I feel trends are the problem, why men’s fashion is so repetitive.


Any celeb or person you see as a rule breaker in fashion?

Not much at all. I would say ASAP Rocky when I was 15 years old, but now, I feel like men in the industry still wear suit and ties on the red carpet. There’s really no male figure that comes to mind. Actually, no straight male; gay males yes. I’d say Chester Lockhart, he’s not very known, he’s a good singer and has dope style. He reminds me of how I used to dress when I came to NYC.


With the shift in the industry with models of color being on the forefront now more than ever, what would you want to see for people of color in the fashion industry?

I want it to be as normal as all the other white models who are featured in fashion. I don’t want it to be a headline, I want it to be normal. I want people of color to be just as successful as the rest.


With you being our Rule Breaker of the month, how do you break the rules?

I break the rules by never giving a fuck ever. I like to wear whatever I want, whether it’s a Pornhub T-shirt, diamond fanny pack, or a jock strap with a robe. That’s how I break the rules. I live my life with zero cares for what anyone thinks. I spent my childhood caring what people thought of me. Since I’ve moved to NYC when I was 18 years old to pursue my dream of being a designer - I went through a lot of self hatred for being gay. growing up - now I feel the way to live is to not give a fuck.

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