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Male Model Mania on BoyMeetsStyle!

We've added four new faces to our roster of elite and new male fashion faces we think you should know! Check them out below!


Lucky Blue Smith is already a bonified 'Supermodel Of The World', and all this at the tender age of just 17. His most hig-profile campaigns including Calvin Klein and Tom Ford. When he's not posing for the camera or strutting a runway, you can find him talking industry with his model sis, and jamming with his band. Hmm... We're seeing tripple threat in his future.


If you're into fashion and not living under rock then you might of heard of the social media juggernot that is Luka Sabbat. At 18 years old, Luka has reached allstar fame on Twitter and Instagram garnering together more than 150,000 followers. His distinctive looks and unique style sensibility set him apart and have proven to be a golden part of the 'it' factor that keeps fans wanting more.

3. The NEW GUY

With a name like Maverick, it must mean you're bound to do great things, and we expect nothing less of up and coming model/actor, Maverick McConnell. Take it from us, it won't be hard with an agency like Wilhelmina to back him, and we'll be keeping an eye out.

4. The FACE

In an industry where standing out means big success, we have no doubt that Canadian model, Emile Woon, is the one to watch. Whether it be his soon to be signature freckles, bruting stare, or the whole package, Emile exudes the stuff photographers love to cpature, and designers are dying to feature.

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