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Private Policy SS18 at New York Men's Day! Part of NYFWM

New York Men's Day at Dune Studios, often the highlight of NYFWM, brought back some of our favorite designers including Private Policy.

Inspired by the intention to gather and unite, this season the menswear brand made it a point to collect and showcase different morsels of conventional life in the USA. A life not totally overtaken by the chaos and imposition of media and politics. There’s a certain rebel-like quality about Private Policy’s SS18 collection; a quality that during these harsh political times definitely resonates. It's in that way that the collection becomes something bigger. Something that unites instead of divides.

The designers named the collection “Trinkets” to reflect the idea that small things can sometimes be a prelude to an even bigger picture. A new take on denim jackets and pants bejeweled with rhinestones and vests with traces of Native American artistry are matched with innovative prints and patterns. To top it off, the designers collaborated with 11 New York City creatives to design a select group of wallet chains and hang tags. These pieces were then styled together with some signature pieces from previous collections.

Check out the whole collection below!

Photgraphy by Shixpir Huang & Styling by Mel Renee, Courtesy of Agentry PR

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