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Spotlight on MiC LOWRY!

We’re obsessing over MiC LOWRY; a British vocal harmony boy band from Liverpool who shell out the smoothest contemporary R&B and soul music. The group formed in 2011 and is made up of five members including Delleile, Akia, Kaine, Ben and Michael. If you think the name sounds familiar, well, that's because it does. The band's title comes from Will Smith's iconic character, Mike Lowrey, from the 1995 blockbuster film "Bad Boys".

No surprise to this day and age, these childhood buddies got their first taste of fame on none other than YouTube. Their videos have been seen by over hundreds of thousands of fans, and their vibe is closely reminiscent to that of 90's R&B hit makers Boys II Men.

Their most recent dose of stardom came with the release of their first single and chart topper, "Oh Lord" in 2016. The follow-up, "Whiskey Kisses", was released on March 10th of this year.

With killer voices and expertly executed harmonies these guys are set to be the next crossover juggernaut to burst on the American music scene. But don’t take our word for it, check their sound out below.

MiC LOWRY - "Whiskey Kisses"

MiC LOWRY- "Work by Rihanna ( Ft Drake) Acoustic Cover"

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