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BoyMeetsStyle Exclusive: 1 on 1 with Beauty & Style Expert, Ryan Nickulas!

Ryan Nickulas photgraphed by Marco Ovando

BMS was lucky enough to catch up with television personality, celebrity stylist and veteran Beauty and Style expert, Ryan Nickulas. We settled in for a quick 1 on 1, where we got to hear about some of his favorite fashion tidbits and favorite designer collections.

What is your favorite piece in your closet? I've had these black and white Public School creepers for a while now, and they literally go with anything. And they're so comfortable, which is a necessity since I'm on my feet so much. Who would you say favorite menswear designer of the past 5 years. Those Baja East boys absolutely make the most comfortable looking clothes and I'm totally obsessed. We're still reeling from these few past fashion weeks season. What collection or collections did you have your eye on this past NYFWM? Definitely loved Carlos Campos and Stampd, but Raf Simons for Calvin Klein had me really excited. And have you seen that campaign with the Moonlight boys? Amazing work.

Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2017 ft. the stars of the film "Moonlight"

Who was your style inspiration growing up? Mark-Paul Gosselar! (Such an 80's baby, I know, but who didn't want to look like Zack Morris?!) What 3 watches must every gentleman have? Of course a Rolex is everyone's dream, but I love a practical watch, like a Uniform Wares or Shinola. And what Shinola is doing with bringing jobs back to Detroit is really commendable. As we know, your very familiar with the fashion scene, and have the privilege to frequent many a red carpet. What has been your favorite look so far? I attended an event last minute with a friend. I was wearing Rag and Bone jeans and a vintage chocolate Gucci leather blazer. It taught me to not overthink every look!

Q&A Courtesy of

Sailey Williams Media

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