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Christopher Bevans Gets Technological for DYNE FW'17!

When scientists mix a ray of chemicals to find the perfect formula, the results can be brilliant. The same can be said for emerging menswear designer, Christopher Bevans. A man no stranger to brands like Nike and Rocawear, Bevans debuted his first solo collection at the Samsung 837 building in New York City during New York Fashion Week: Men's . DYNE, the collection, featured dark shades of blue and black with quaint bursts of red captured on shirts and leggings. Technological savvy detailing was the staple, and gave a new and modern spin to men's athletic wear.

So fitting of the times, it was nice to see how Bevan effortlessly incorporated technology into the collection. An assembly of models portrayed the every-day man tackling urban city life with high-tech gear, a theme that continues to resurface throughout representing a common thread of brotherhood and modern style.

Check it out below!

Photography: Georgio Richy

Article: Georgio Richy

Editor: Vladimir Armand

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