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Frank Ocean drops "Blond" Album and "Nikes" Video!

Off the heels of releasing Endless, a 45 minute visual album, Frank Ocean hit us again. This time in a double take, releasing a stunning trip-filled video for “Nikes”; then just hours later dropping Blond, a collection of 17 new tracks, and the follow-up album to 2011’s Channel Orange.

It’s been 4 years since we’ve heard new music from Mr. Ocean, and we couldn’t be more excited. "Nikes", directed by Tyrone Lebone, effortlessly pays tribute to Trayvon Martin and others, including hip-hop icon Pimp C and A$AP Yams. The video itself is a complex medley of sight and sound featuring deep and distorted vocals by Ocean, and cameos from A$AP Rocky and Trina. Art at its finest, this video is one you have to see.

Check it out below!

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