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DAVID HART Spring Summer 2017 on BoyMeetsStyle!

As usual, David Hart's 2017 Spring Summer collection was one of our stand out favorites at New York Men's Day. The event held at Industria Superstudios in New York City, and presented by Cadillac, showcased a number of outstanding designers and their Spring 2017 collections.

Inspired by 60's era west coast surf culture, David Hart's 'beachy' and brightly colored ode to sun and fun was a myriad of classic menswear silhouettes, floral surf prints and shapely patterns. Our favorite look was a pairing of classic shorts and a custom graphic tee with a stellar jewel-toned yellow blazer featuring a tropical palm tree motif at the front. (below)

See the full collection below!

Images Courtesy of Agentry PR

Photographs by LeRoy Grannis

Models: RED, Whilhelmina, DNA & NYM

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