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#HisStyle on BoyMeetsStyle! Q&A with Moses Universe!

Image Courtesy of Sailey Williams Media

How would you define your personal style?

My personal style is a 'mish-mash' of all sorts of things. I don't have a style, or [even] like to be defined by any particular style or trend for that matter. I just go with whatever feels right at the moment or in syntonization with my mood and aesthetic. As cliche as it may sound, I don't like to be in a particular "box of style".

The style of your early videos has more of a Goth vibe. What were some of your early inspirations?

My inspiration in my early videos has just been transpired by the song or , honestly , the budget that was happening at the and artist , I do feel like I'm different in each "thing" that I put out there..I guess it's part of my evolution as a human been as well as a visionary person.

Your wardrobe in your recent music videos are so Punk & Modern. What caused this dynamic evolution?

In my video 'Be Myself Tonight' , a goth motif was chosen to emphasize the need to be YOURSELF. So we started with a "corporate" look and drastically changed to the "goth". You just released your new album "My Prediction" available now. What kind of performance looks can we expect?

Image Courtesy of Sailey Williams Media

The look in my shows can be anywhere from conservative suits to wings {and} wearing demons! It's all a question of which song I preform, and how does it work in my own head.

Favorite item to wear to a meeting?

My favorite item to wear in meetings is always light color lens sunglasses "#didn'tsleeplastnight."

Favorite item to wear to the club?

Favorite item to wear in clubs is always a good pair of shoes. Since I like to dance, the rest doesn't matter cause it usually comes off... (Smile)

Favorite designer?

My favorite designer is Geoffrey Mac who's really inventive and fearless [and sweet]. He's created [so many looks] for Xelle (pop music group) and so many of mine. [He's] a new designer that I'm crazy for, and feel that we should keep our eyes on!

Check out Moses's video for 'Over and Over'

Get your copy of 'My Prediction', out now!

'My Prediction', available on Itunes!

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