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Jewelry by Vitaly on BoyMeetsStyle

As spring sets in, BMS is ecstatic to debut some favorite new accessories we’ve been dying to let you in on. At the top of our list is a collection of brilliant industrially-inspired jewelry by Canadian fashion brand, Vitaly.

The brand which also offers apparel and watches, was founded by Shane Vitaly Foran and consists of modern contemporary designed jewelry featuring gold, rose-gold, stainless steal, matte black and antique finishes. Sleek lines and subtle artisan details make for an eye-catching and seemingly architectural collection of ‘gender fluid’ jewelry fit for both men and women.

Our favorite piece of the collection has to be the 'Hakken' ($55) in matte black. Based on Vitaly's classic 'Sequoia' pendant, this cuff takes its name from the Dutch word for “chop.” The matte black finish, and sleek design make it easy to dress up and wear all day long.

You can shop the 'Hakken' and other Vitaly pieces at, and in the meantime check out some of our other favorite pieces from the line below!

'Black Don't Crack'

'Gold Member'

'Man of Steal'

'Kiss From a Rose'

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