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Concept Korea Sweeps Us Away During NYFWM, Again!!

Concept Korea did it again on Monday afternoon with a show featuring collections from Korean menswear designer brands, 'DBYD' and 'Ordinary People'. BoyMeetsStyle editor, Vladimir Armand, and fashion correspondent, Tahirah Jarrett (TeaTalksFash), caught up with both korean desingers, Kang Dong Jun (DBYD), and Jang Hyeong Cheol (Oridnary People) for a chat before the collections took the stage!

See what they had to say below, and don't forget to check out our clips from the show!

Without giving to much away, what can you tell us about what inspired this latest collection? DBYD: "The concept of this season's collection comes from the film 'HER' by Spike Jonze. The entire look of the film changes with the main character's mood and emotions. We were inspired by the film's two key words, 'owning' and 'being', and how the psychology of these thougts can be transated into clothing."

Oridnary People: "I was inspired by people going in and out of hotels and the little elements that make a holiday perfect. with this collection we wanted to convey every moment of what happens in a hotel with our own [Ordinary Style]."

When it comes to 'Ordinary People', in the past we've seen a lot of dramatic lines, exaggerated proportions, and really great attention to detail and tailoring. Is that something that's a staple for the brand, and can we can expect to see a bit of that today?

Oridnary People: "Yes of course, I'm always considering details and colors, so for this collection I paid special attention to that, and made a concious decision to change up a lot of the colors."

What we love about DBYD's collections is the youthful, streetwear vibe of the garments. For you, is that an onging staple as well? Will we see that today?

DBYD: "Yes, that is very apparent, especially in the first and final looks which are the key pieces that bring the collection together."

South Korea and emerging cities like Seoul are steadily becoming one of the new modern fashion capitals of the world, especially when we talk about Men's fashion. Is this something you think about when designing pieces for the collection?

DBYD: "Well, for this collection we were really inspired by the film ('HER') which is American, but we definitely kept our culture and traditions in mind."

Oridnary People: "I'm aware that fashion in South Korea and Seoul is growing, and I'm just happy to be working in this period of time when the world is seeing it happen."

Concept Korea, and the brands they showcase during Fashion Week always seem to be a fan-favorite every season. What does coming to NYC and showing your collection mean to you?

DBYD: "It means a lot, especially because we designed the whole season around an American film and the culture behind it."

Oridnary People: "New York Fashion Week is my dream stage and we’ve worked really hard with this collection to show on that stage, so I'm just really excited."

Last but not least, how can American lovers of Ordinary People and DBYD get their hands on the pieces we see here today, and past collections?

Oridnary People: "This year we’re planning to launch in the American market, so we’re still getting ready for that. [Stay tuned]."

DBYD: "Well we'll see if they even like the clothes after the fashion show!" (Laughs)

Fashion Show Highlights!

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