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Coca-Cola by JOYRICH FW'15

JOYRICH announced their second collab with now legendary American beverage brand Coca-Cola. The two have teamed up yet again to present another hybrid collection geared up and ready to revolutionize both fashion and pop culture. "This collection puts JOYRICH's signature "casual-rich" spin on Coca-Cola's classic Contour Bottle design. Mixing Coke's famous Dynamic Ribbon Device graphic with fur-inspired fabrics in vibrant hues of red and white, each Coca-Cola by JOYRICH piece fashions a bold winter look that is fun, spirited, and youthful."

-- Karis Dolberry, Press JOYRICH The collection includes fur-motif varsity jackets, patchwork denim and signature accessories from backpacks to handbags. Check it out below!

Images courtesy of JOYRICH

COCA-COLA, COKE, the Contour Bottle design, the Dynamic Ribbon device are trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company. ©2015 The Coca-Cola Company. All rights reserved.

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