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'5 Hacks to Fake a Perfectly Tailored Suit' on

BMS Editor-in-Chief, Vladimir Armand, was one of the chosen few who were called upon by Kelsey Mulvey and the modern man's premium lifestyle site,, for some industry expertise and on-the-go quick tips on embellishing a one of a kind fit for your favorite suit. Check out how to use the 'Safety-Pin Seam' method as well as a slew of other great trick sto achieve the 'Perfectly Tailored Suit'.


"Wish all you want, but there are some styling woes that won’t be easily remedied with a simple strip of tape or pins. Enter “The Safety Pin Steam,” a process conceived by menswear stylist and blogger Vladimir Armand that’s perfect for those hard-to- tailor problem areas. “You can use this at the shoulder seams, inner trouser legs, and the inner sleeves,” Armand comments.

Start by wearing your garment backwards and inside out. Next, mark those targets with a neatly cut piece of double sided tape. “The tape should be the size of how long you want your seam to be,” says Armand. “The longer the tape, the better the fit; however, too long can sometimes look awkward.” Rest assured, you can always fix your seam if it’s too long.

Once you take off the garment, remove the piece of tape and add small safety pins to create the illusion of the seams. Armand recommends pinching the fabric upward and pinning the safety pins down the line of the tape. While using lots of pins will ensure a tighter seam, too many will look bulky so try the garment on to evaluate the fit.

After all the pins are fastened, use a fresh piece of tape to hold the excess fabric down and secure the pins in place. For a finishing touch, press the outside of the jacket with a steam iron. And voilà: a fitted suit that costs a fraction of a tailor’s fee (and can be completed while catching up on True Detective)!"

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