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Eiliran Nargassi isn’t just a cool name. It’s a brand, is exactly the type of men’s fashion house we appreciate on BMS. Established in 2013 in the midst of a men’s fashion revival in Israel, Nargassi’s keen eye for intricate detail encompassing geometric collars, midriff crops, and simplistic silhouette are precisely what elevate this brand to the next level.

In a budding culture of fashion- where street-wear melds into high fashion and athletic gear translates into formal, Eliran Nargassi curates a perfect juxtaposition of clean, minimalistic design with the use of differentiated lines and graphic cuts. The brand is so stylish and functional that every piece works seamlessly together with year round staples; aka the blazer, fitted slack, and traditional oxford. It’s no wonder we’ve made them our pick for April style.

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