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'NIGHTCRAWLER' featuring Men's Fashion & Fitness Blogger, Eklavya Juneja

Not so far from the bright lights of Times Square and quaintly sequenced between high-end Soho and Chinatown is an epicenter of cobblestoned back allies, abandoned buildings and a series of decorated graffiti art and streets ornamented with just enough trash for one to call art. It was here we captured men's fashion and fitness blogger; Eklavya Juneja, otherwise known as Lav, on a nighttime escapade through some of the city's most characterized and quiet streets.


Where are you from? How'd you get into blogging?

I am from India but right after high school I went to University in [the] UK where I came across the idea of blogging to showcase my style & fashion sense.

What is your blog about?

McLavin Style is a menswear and fitness blog whose aim is to help men with fashion inspiration and living healthy

How would you describe your personal style?

I would define my personal style to be very versatile. I’m always up for trying out different things and taking risks; and always open to stepping out of my comfort zone and trying different looks.

What are some of your favorite menswear brands and designers and why?

I love a lot of Scandinavian and French independent boutique designers and brands due to their unique sense of style and how every piece speaks for itself. [If I had to] name some popular ones, could be The Kooples, APC, Acne etc.

Fitness is a key staple on your blog. How do you stay in shape, and how do you translate that to your readers?

While growing up in India, I was madly in love with sweets and chocolates which in-turn led me to being obese. Around age 16 I started making a conscious effort into what I was eating. I started going to the gym regularly and playing football. Overall, I try to be as active and healthy as I can be. [In addition] I am always reading, researching and trying new things [like Kickboxing since I have been in NYC] to be healthy, which led me to share my knowledge with my readers.


You're new to New York City, how has that inspired the tone of the blog?

New York City has a whole different vibe to it. It has motivated me [to try] different colours and pieces that I never thought I would ever consider buying or trying. Apart from that, I inspire myself by observing different individual fashion sense and implementing them in my own way; and as this place is full of people from different walks of life, I am never left out of options and am always motivated [to try] different things.

You stem from the UK. For you, how does the city differ?

In UK, I studied in a small town called Guildford which is very close to London. [During] my time there, my fashion sense was very casual, [like] a student living in a small town and going to “Uni”; but in NYC, I’m an individual working with an Investment Bank, wearing suits and formals on most of my work days. It has introduced me to a different side of fashion which has led me to experiment with different ideas.

What does 2015 have in store for you and the blog?

January 2015 will be my blogs one year anniversary. There are going to be changes in the layout, and I am going to focus on collaborating with different bloggers and brands, [as well as] organizing a lot of giveaways for my reader. I totally believe wherever the blog is today is all because of them, so I am very thankful to them for their support.

You're a 21 year old guy in the city that never sleeps, where would we find you on a typical Saturday night?

There are so many places in this city to be on a Saturday night, but since I’ve been here I am in love with bar culture, unlike in [the] UK, where I was used to clubbing. So I guess you might see me in a bar somewhere in Soho, the Meatpacking district, or the East/West Village.

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