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FW 14/15 Men's Fashion Accessories

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As the holidays approach and the New York chill settles in, it's not just the leaves that change, but so does our wardrobe, including accessories. Now ladies, of course, have their choice of a plethora of fashion accessories to splash on this season. Everything from hair pins and hair ties to chunky necklaces and knee bracelets. Yes, that's right, "knee bracelets". But do men rock as many thingamajigs as women, and should they? Well if they haven't before, they are now. We're bringing you the hottest men’s fashion accessories this fall / winter season as rocked by the most stylish men of New York City!

THE HAT. Much like a timeless tradition, men have been sporting hats since, well, let's just say, the beginning of time... Roughly. Recently, with the likes of celebrity trend setters like Pharrell Williams taking what some would call a risk with their choice of headwear, certain styles have begun to take over the streets of your friendly fashion capitals. Pharrell’s now famous Grammy hat might just be the most popular style today, dominating the streets of Manhattan and Seol, Korea. This hat at a glance comes off eccentric, but looks great with a simple pair of dark denim jeans, a white button up, peacoat and leather boots. Whether it’s a snap-back, fitted, or a piece designed by Dr. Seuss, the days of sporting caps are far from over.

THE MAN BAG. A big city life means a wide city commute, and this sometimes means lugging around a lot of sh..., um, stuff. Whether you're headed to the gym after work, carrying your tablet, or simply just enjoying a nice accessory, the man bag is a hit all around town. Now, we're not talking purses and pocket books with only the ability to carry an iPhone 4 and your favorite color lipstick. We're talking actual bags with purpose that, believe it or not, come in handy and in many different styles. There's of course the back pack. This style, ideally, is for students and men on the go who generally carry a lot throughout the day. There's the duffle, for the more athletic and sporty guy. Now this guy probably considers the gym his second home. Next is the tote. The tote or crosssbody is the perfect fashion forward accessory for men who carry out more artsy endeavors. The tote allows them to be fashionable without having to look overly metro. The winner this season however has to be the oversized clutch. This trendy carry-all is not intended for fashion lightweights. Men's fashions include designs from the most noteworthy fashion houses like, Givenchy, Botega, and Gucci.

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THE SHADES. There's no way we can ravage through a menswear accessory story without mentioning sunglasses. A nice pair of shades will easily take an outfit to the next level, but who should you run to? Some of our favorites have to be the selection at Kaibosh Eyewear. For traditional silhouettes with a modern twist, Kaibosh is your best bet. The Norwegian label is a design driven multi-channel eyewear conception that makes buying glasses more fun and extremely easy. For the slightly more funky and eclectic bunch of dudes, look no further than 159 Bleecker Street. Right here in New York City. AK Treasure Shop has some of the trendiest and funkiest pairs of shades you can find. We can’t forget online. Rogue Eyewear features a selection of topnotch pieces for the man about town. Their sleek look and distinct designs rival the best in the business.

THE TIMEPIECE. Okay, okay… We know what you might be thinking. Are wristwatches even necessary anymore seeing as how we have the I-Phone, the Galaxy, the Tablet, and well, clocks? That might be true. But so is this. Watches look good. And believe it or not, they actually can tell a person a lot about you. Like whether or not you’ve a job. But we all can’t rock a Rolex down Wall Street, so what do we do? We opt for cool alternatives like modish styles from Stockholm based watch brand, TID Watches. Their “bare essentials minimalist” analog watch is lightweight with a simple but iconic design assuring its stylish fashion stance and long lasting durability.

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THE BLING! Listen guys, jewelry works! And that’s without having to go all “Flava-Flav” when you step out of the house. One of the best ways to highlight your personality and personal style is through jewelry. No one does better than the blokes in New York City. Hip-hoppers and hipsters alike are rocking jewelers like Jai Dam, whose designs include rare and precious beads, detailed metal work, and intricate motifs.

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