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(Victor Won)
“For this collection, I tried to translate my sentimental, romantic attitude onto my garments. I want the audience to feel the same mood I experienced when I designed my garments. Joyful memories formMarrakesh and nostalgic vibes would be embedded in my garments. I hope everyone who sees my garments would immediately recognize what I am trying to deliver is more than just garments themselves; I want them to recognize the light-hearted, romantic feel that is universal among travelers. My garments are about exuberant sentiments travelers share regardless of their destinations, and moreover, the romantic positivity which we could regard life with.”
Victor Wong (Courtesy of Fucking Young Magazine)
Imagess Courtesy from
VICTOR.DHYUKWON Pre-Fall 2017 Lookbook
"Traveler's Route"
by Adriano B.
VICTOR.DHYUKWON Pre-Fall 17-Lookbook on BoyMeetsStyle
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