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Todrick Hall Flips The Script With New Visual Album, FORBIDDEN!

There’s no denying the awe-inspiring triple threat that is Todrick Hall. After conquering anything and everything from Broadway’s song a dance to choreography, which he did for one of the world’s biggest names in popular music (his friend, Ms. Taylor Swift), Todrick has hit us again with another stunning visual album. This one comes off the heels of “Straight Out of Oz”, a fairy-tale like visual experience concocted head-to-toe by the modern day crooner himself.

This time he’s done it again with a new concept album titled “FORBIDDEN”. The 30-song record is a two-hour visual spectacular featuring guest artists including Brandy, Tiffany Haddsih and RuPaul, just to name a few.

"Forbidden" is the story of a all too closely society mirrored by our own, but in all aspects reversed. The fictional civilization of Nacarema (“American” spelled backwards) flips the script as it portrays a universe where today’s minorities of black and gay individuals are the embodiment of normal, and straight white people are hounded, oppressed and persecuted. Makes you think, huh?

Forbidden is already a success, having reached No. 2 on the iTunes Albums chart, and has garnered over 300,000 view in just days of its release on YouTube. We at BoyMeetsStyle encourage everyone who hasn’t seen to take a look here!

Purchase the album Here & Catch Forbidden Live & Near You by getting tickets Here!

Image via Itunes


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