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STEVE AOKI debuts DIM MAK Collection at New York Fashion Week: Men's!

Imagine The wave of a loud bass echoing from one room and drowning out the noise behind you as you grow closer to the frenzy. Like a fairy tale "Alice In Wonderland", you're curiosity can't be tamed - a common theme throughout the week. Soon the roar of a hectic crowd gives way to a room full of rebellious spectators memorized by a sea skateboarders as they glide from one side of the room to the next. All this, to debut the premier collection from globetrotting DJ, Steve Aoki.

The Dim Mak collection made its US debut during New York Fashion Week: Men's, (normally sold to the Japan market) and featured a fashion-forward approach to skateboarder attire. “I wanted to bring the skate park to the runway,” Aoki said. Which he did, with an array of hoodies, graphics, and a litter of long coats. If invoking a tribe of well-dressed skaters is what Aoki wanted, then we can safely say he's set a precedent for gliders all around with a collection that channels aggression, and paints a sensational picture of escape while of course riding in style.

Photography: Georgio Richy

Article: Georgio Richy

Editor: Vladimir Armand

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