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Harry Styles Channels Mick Jagger for 1 of 3 Covers for British Fashion Mag, Another Man!

Harry Styles, former leading man of one of the biggest, if not the biggest pop acts in the last decade, One Direction (in case you're living under a rock...), has set the internet a blaze after posting not 1, but 3 covers from the Autumn/Winter 2016 issue for biannual British fashion and art magazine, Another Man.

The posts hit Instagram on September 26th, and features 22 year old Harry captured by photographer, Allasdair McLellan in 3 retro-chic inspired looks in what seems to be an homage to seventies rocker fashion.

Take a look below, and catch the uncanny resemblance to an original rock God and living legend, Mick Jagger!

Inside the Mag....

A young Mick Jagger...


Another Man Images Courtesy of

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