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Zac Efron covers Men's Fitness!

Zac Efron has come a long way from those career-catapulting "High School Musical" years. These days, the "Baywatch" reboot and "Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising" star is gracing the latest cover of Men's Fitness.

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In the spread, photographed by Jeff Lipsky, a jacked 28 year old Zac casually frolics on the beach while in jeans and a tank in one shot, and a wet suit in another. When asked about his awe inspiring physique, Zac had this to say.

"Right now I’m probably the physically strongest I’ve ever felt, not in terms of bench press or how much I can squat, but in how quickly I could get out of this room and destroy everything in my path. If the zombie apocalypse happened right now, I’d definitely be able to defend myself.” -- Zac Efron, Men's Fitness Magazine

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Check out Zac behind the scenes of his Men's Fitness Cover Shoot!

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