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Get Ready for CNCO!

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Have you heard of CNCO? Much like the former mega boy-band One Direction who recently embarked on "hiatus", this Latin pop quintet is the product of a TV reality show. The show 'La Banda', broadcast by Univision, set out on a mission to find the country's most talented young men to form a Latin super group of male pop stars. With the help of some industry heavy weights like Ricky Martin and Laura Pausini (both judges on the show), Richard Camacho (New Hampshire), Erick Brian Colón (Florida), Zabdiel de Jesús (Puerto Rico), Joel Pimentel (California) and Christopher Vélez (New Jersey), wound up on top after weeks of competition.

The question now is do the boys of CNCO have what it takes to climb to the top of the charts? Now we here at BMS can't deny the fact that winning a syndicated reality show will get their foot in the door. However, we also can't deny that music competition shows just aren't what they used to be. And though millions are tuning in for the competition, they don't seem to be tuning in once it's over. So what will it take? Well one things for sure, these guys got a lot going for them.

Image Courtesy of CNCO MUSIC on Twitter!

First, they're young. Ranging from ages 14 to 20; these guys have a chance to take over the teen and tween markets and build a fan base that will grow up with them, ultimately giving them the momentum they would need to catapult to the top of the charts. And who knows, it could also be a chance for at least one lucky member to become the breakout star. You know, like Ricky Martin, Justin Timberlake, or more recently Zayn Malik.

Second, they've got crossover appeal! Let's face it, crossing over to the US music market is no easy task, and only a handful of artists have really made their mark. That being said the possibility still exists. CNCO, though a male "Latin" pop group, was formed right here on U.S. soil and features five fairly well spoken bilingual members. This means music in Spanish, English, and maybe even other languages like Portuguese. Give these guys a catchy hook, and the right look and it could very well happen.

Lastly, they've got the look! They could have everything else, but without "the look" there's no connection to be made with the swarm of googly eyed girls who will follow their every move. What these boys need is a style that will evolve with time. One direction went from polos and board shorts to tattoos and skinny jeans in just a couple of years. In a nutshell, the look is the overall image they want portrayed to the public and their admiring fans. It represents them as a group, as individuals, and as an entity in the music industry. (Deep, right...) And unlike the sometimes monotonous sound of some other boy bands, CNCO has the opportunity to record a wider variety of music. Everything from Latin pop ballads to Reggaeton infused uptempos to trendy top 40 chart toppers. only time will tell if they can do it, but in the meantime, we'll be watching.

Pictured Left to Right: Zabdiel (@zabdiel1344) , Richard (@lumnayoffical), Joel (@itsjoelpimentel), Eric (@ericbriancolon)Christopher (@christophervele),

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