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Gypsy Sport's Carnival of FW '15 Fashion

The audience at Gypsy Sport's FW '15 Presentation of 'Cirque D' Sport' is a far cry from the stuffy fashion fiends that frequent the now style baron walls of Lincoln Center; and that's because, as usual, Gypsy Sport's eclectic brand of street wear couture goes above and beyond with collections that have yet to disspaoint their loyal customer. Wearable art comes to mind for their F/W 2015 effort. Designer, Rio Uribe, fuses together tribal decoration, customized print, and subltle fabrics charecterizing fluidity of movement, for a whisical collection men's sportswear.

The runway was a hit, but it was the party just after the show that reminded us most of a circus. Models dancing, cameras flashing, and and fashion flowing. For that we gave this show 5 stars! Scroll down, and take a look!

Designer | Rio Uribe

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