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Resort 2018, "Welcome to the Jungle"
Driven by the inspiration of light and nature, the collection as a whole is a striking representation of street couture encompassed by floral patterns, relaxed silhouettes and iridescent embellishments. In addition, Plein also debuted a slew of articles from a new capsule collaboration with celebrated graffiti artist, Alec Monopoly. Our fixation of course, were the amazing men’s looks that took the runway by storm.
For this collection, the quintessential "Plein Man" is dominated by his extreme like of exotic skins, quality comfort and artisan Denim. Everything from frayed and patchwork elements to sporadic splits and tears are spruced up by paint and embroidery, then stamped and printed  with the esteemed ‘PP’ emblem. In a nutshell, what this collection doesn’t lack, is attitude. Bold in every intent, and relaxed in feeling, each piece acts as a modern homage to the early 80's subculture punk era, which has slowly made the way back to our hearts and into our closets.
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PHILIPP PLEIN  Resort 2018 (Men's)
Philipp Plein with Floyd Mayweather
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