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For Spring/Summer 2017 Max and Chester have escaped the over exhausted norms of traditional menswear and have curated a collection of "new classics" categorized by 100% natural fabrics, time-honored silhouette, and a delightful range of soft-hued colors . For us, collarless blazers, and the 'pajama-set suit' are the favorites of this collection.

Keeping the brand’s four pillars of fabric, design, silhouette and comfort, the Spring/Summer collection pulls in Moroccan, Italian, Japanese, and Cuban influences to piece together a luxurious yet comfortable collection.-- MAX 'n CHESTER


MAX 'n CHESTER on BoyMeetsStyle
n Chester SS 2017 (10)
'n Chester SS 2017 (11)
Chester SS 2017 (13)
ester SS 2017 (14)
Max 'n Chester SS 2017
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